Chapter Eleven - 'Suite for my sweet'

Chapter Eleven - 'Suite for my sweet'

If you were to imagine a hotel thats sole purpose is for indulgence and seduction, then you would imagine Blakes. The staff will cater to your every whim, the rooms are not large but are the kind that you never want to leave, and the entire experience makes you feel like you and (whomsoever your companion of choice might be) are the only guests staying there. It is drenched in luxury and exudes modern decadence. If you want a night you will remember forever in minute detail, then you should definitely spend it at Blakes. Which is why as she walked back from the bathroom and past the lobby she decided to enquire as to whether there were any rooms free that very night. “We have the romantic four poster available, Madam” said the concierge. “We’ll take it” she said before returning to the bar to inform her date of the next destination in their nocturnal adventures together. “There is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows exactly what she wants’ he murmured gently lifting her hair and kissing the back of her neck as they walked along the labyrinth of corridors and stairways with a reassuringly old fashioned and clunky room key in hand. They stopped for a lingering kiss by the door before swinging the door wide open to reveal – stunning opulence. Dark walls and a magnificent four poster bed strewn with invitingly plump pillows and softly pooling heavy drapes drew them in. ‘I feel a bit overdressed in here, don’t you?’ he said with a wry smile as he pulled her closer into his arms. ‘I think I can help with that…’ she smiled back while adeptly removing his leather belt before working away at the buttons of his shirt…


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