Chapter Three - 'Tate Modern'

Chapter Three - 'Tate Modern'

The Tate Modern, possibly the world’s best place to take a first date. It makes you seem interesting, cultured, intellectual… and even if you don’t like the art, the building is certainly impressive and gives you plenty to talk about to break the ice. Which was why she had suggested that this was where they should meet. She was therefore surprised to find her date heading straight towards the curved staircase, taking no notice of the cavernous turbine hall at all. ‘Over here’ he said grinning and stretching out his hand to coax her in his direction ‘All this expansive concrete and lofty ideas leaves me a bit cold… I’d much rather sit down and find out more about you instead.’ She was taken aback, this was not the first date she’d expected. He seemed so confident and actually wanted to talk to her! Where was the fumbling awkwardness or ‘no you decide…’ lack of assertion she was used to from her previous dates? She quickly adjusted her composure and walked towards him, smiling and uncharacteristically tucked her arm into his as if it was the most natural thing in the world and he not a complete stranger. ‘What was she thinking’ her internal voice chided as the rest of her felt a quiver of excitement flood through her.


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