Chapter Two - 'Him'

Chapter Two - 'Him'

The moment that you first set eyes on each other doesn't feel like real time. It is at once both lightning quick and deathly slow - so many perfectly captured details quickly filed away neatly in the mind for later. You almost drink each other in... And when the eyes lift to meet it can be instant chemistry - the flicker of a kindred spirit shining out or a death knell signalling yet again that; 'No this isn't the one, not for you... not this time…' Luckily she was late - and was pleased to be the one walking towards him. With time on her side, she was able to furtively look him up and down, over and over; taking in the cut of his jacket, his jawbone and the light shining against his hair. She imagined nestling against his cheek and breathing in an aroma of faint cologne, cold London air and his own distinct scent. Suddenly and before she could catch herself she was within an arms length. She froze, just as he lifted his head turning all his attention towards her. Their eyes met and as seconds melted away into eternity, warmth and relief flooded her body as she crashed back into the here and now. 'Hi' he said. 'Hi…' she replied as she saw his face relax into a smile 'Fancy a drink? - it's freezing out here.'


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