June 16, 2018 1 min read

‘Fancy a change of scene?’ he said as the sky turned to dusk and lights across London started glimmering. ‘I know a place if you don’t mind a walk?’, ‘Sure’ she said gathering her things, glad for an excuse to get away from the noisy, crowded bar into the cool twilight air. So far conversation had flowed, the alcohol eviscerating any first date nerves and she had felt a feeling of ease, of familiarity with him. Walking from Bankside, across the millennium bridge,  past Blackfriars, then along the Embankment, next to the Thames low, dark and rippling gently contrasted with the imposing grand and grey old buildings of Temple on the other side. They seemingly talked about everything, more so than they had in the bar and the blue misty evening air gave an intense, filmic quality to the setting. Their quiet and intimate conversation deepening their connection with every step.