Brides - Get ready in style with a silk robe

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Brides - Get ready in style with a silk robe

The morning of the big day is one of truly nerve jangling anticipation and excitement. I can remember mine vividly and no morning has since compared. All brides experience it (even the most low key, relaxed ones) and I think the reason is this. It's the one day where you (along with your beloved) are the stars of your own show. The show that you've put together, that everyone you care most about is coming to enjoy and nothing quite compares with that feeling. If you can define living in the moment - this is it.

So it makes sense to make the morning of your wedding as relaxed and enjoyable as you possibly can. Surround yourself with your calmest family and friends, make sure you have a large glass of bubbles on hand and wear something you can relax and look chic in for photos while you get your hair and make up done. Our ivory silk cotton robe is an excellent option and one you can wear as a luxe everyday robe after the wedding too.

It is such an honour to be part of someone's wedding, to join in with the emotions and joy of seeing it all come together and I was thrilled when my brother in law and his fiancée Natalia announced they were getting married and wanted us to be part of their big day. With my husband as best man and our 3 and 5 year old flower girl and ring bearer (and me chief assistant to both) it was a beautiful celebration of love and family. 

Here's the Bride looking gorgeous and wearing a Ms. Kensington robe (of course) with her sisters on the morning of her wedding. 

Bride in silk robe saying cheers

Natalia and her sisters raising a glass on the morning of her wedding.  

Bride wearing silk robe saying cheers

Bride getting hair done

Emotions running high behind the scenes of the big day. 

Bride getting emotional

 Bride with page boy and flower girl

Ollie and Zoe as Page boy and Flower girl.

page boy and flower girl 

In my official capacity as executive assistant to the Page boy and flower girl.

flower girl with mother

With thanks to 

Natalia Tubb 

Hayley Hayes Photography

Wildwood, Kangaroo Valley

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