Introducing… The Side Tie Knickers

February 12, 2020 1 min read

Introducing… The Side Tie Knickers

When I first dreamt of starting a lingerie label two years ago - these knickers were the piece that best defined what I wanted to achieve with the label. I wanted to make lingerie that made the woman wearing it feel liberated, confident and ‘sexy on her terms’.

The women I am inspired by (and am fortunate enough to call friends) want timeless, classic, well-made pieces they can wear for their own pleasure. When I set about looking at the kind of lingerie in the market today - even the high end, breathtakingly fabulous kind can make a lot of feel us feel uncomfortable. Whether that is physically in terms of comfort or mentally in terms of how we perceive ourselves in it. As one friend put it 'I don't want to be trussed up like a chicken' and in all seriousness - who does? 

Having spoken to a lot of friends and family encompassing all ages and sizes I felt  there was a need for a range of luxury lingerie designed especially for us. That would make us feel instantly fabulous wearing it. 

Introducing the Side Tie Knickers…⠀

Silk Side Tie Knickers   back of the Silk Side Tie Knickers

Side ties are adjustable, comfortable and will always fit and on the naughtier side - mean you can be undressed in seconds... ⠀

It has taken several rounds of sampling to get these knickers perfected and what a journey it’s been! However I’m proud to finally have them in the permanent collection. They have been made ethically and exquisitely here in Australia just in time for Valentine's Day.

Treat yourself (or someone else) this Valentine's Day. 

Xx Catherine - Ms. Kensington 

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