Ms. Kensington x Silk & Steel Jewellery

July 12, 2019 2 min read

Ms. Kensington x Silk & Steel Jewellery

A chance encounter at a trade fair in February last year has led to a really lovely brand collaboration between Ms. Kensington Lingerie and the gorgeous Sarah Cotterall of Silk & Steel Jewellery.

Of course when I say 'chance encounter' what I actually mean is I saw her stunning designs and immediately bowled over for a chat. In the early days of Ms. Kensington I decided I'd visit as many trade events, seminars and events as possible to immerse myself in the industry side of fashion. And I have to say although I had total imposter syndrome and asked a million dumb questions in those early days. A year or so later, I now have more insight and knowledge than I ever did before starting my lingerie label and I've also met some truly amazing people. Who even when I had no brand to speak of, no designs and no print they listened to what I wanted to do and strangest of all - they believed me! 

Designer Sarah Cotterall of Silk & Steel Jewellery

Sarah is undoubtedly one of those people. During our chat we found we had both spent our early careers working as art directors in advertising in London, before both deciding to move over to the other side of the world (respectively New Zealand and Australia) to start new lives, families and businesses. Embarrassingly I don't think I even had a business card or instagram set up when I asked her if I could use her jewellery for a fashion shoot for my non existent lingerie label later in the year. However months later when I was organising my shoot, I contacted her again and she and her lovely Australian wholesale agent Kirsty agreed to lend me their entire collection of jewellery! I feel so fortunate to have met both of these incredible business women and for their generosity to me as an emerging brand. 

Model Kara Broens wearing the Inside Out necklace and Diva Ring.

Fast forward to now and I think it's safe to say we're both members of the mutual appreciation society and have even been swapping pieces between our brands. I am in love with my Constellation earrings and midnight ring from Silk & Steel's Black collection and Sarah is now the proud owner of a Ms. Kensington Charcoal Playsuit. My husband Nick has been dropped a few hints about which pieces I'd like for my birthday too (pretty much anything from the Haveli moonstone collection thanks! ). 

I wanted to write this post as it's so important in business (and in life) to support each other and realise that we all have common goals that can be achieved a lot more easily when we work together rather than seeing other brands and people as competition or a threat. As the internet says "Incredible things happen when women support other women" and this post is really just a huge thank you to Sarah and Kirsty for supporting me! 




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