Sally Stanton's Mother's Day in ISO

May 08, 2020 3 min read

Sally Stanton's Mother's Day in ISO

Sally Stanton, TV presenter and mum to Piper, 4 shares how she will be spending a very different Mother’s Day this year.

Describe your personal style in 3 words

I aspire to be Colourful, Comfortable and Chic but at the moment it’s more Practical, Mum, Clothes.

How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

You’ll have to ask my daughter that, she’s mentioned she has a surprise planned! But since 4 and a half year olds are not that reliable I’ve already pre-ordered a special Sushi platter from Simulation Senpai, a group of Sydney’s best sushi chefs making 5 star sushi for locals. That and a glass of good champagne will put a big smile on my face. Oh and a little sleep in would be nice too, but I don’t want to push my luck!

Mum kissing Daughter

Daughter kissing mum

As host of Sydney weekender – you’ve been to some fab places. Describe your perfect Mother’s Day (not in ISO) – where would you spend it, what would you drink, eat or do?

In a pre-iso world Sydney has endless options for the perfect Mother’s Day, inner city wine bars, waterfront dining, cruising on the sparkling harbour . But for many years now my family has taken part in the Mother’s Day Classic, a fun run through the Royal Botanic Gardens and we usually end it with a picnic brunch in the park. This year we had plans to do it again, but unfortunately I won’t be seeing my mum or sisters for a little while longer.

Sally's Lockdown Luxuries

Patisserie from SixpennySimulation Senpai Sushi box, Fresh Brewed local Coffee, Go-to's Transformazing Sheet Mask

Lockdown Luxuries


What are your lockdown luxuries? (those little things that keep you sane, make you laugh or feel better).

Number one is cuddles from my daughter, I’m getting so many right now and I hope they never stop.

I kick start most days with a coffee from my favourite cafe, which is thankfully still churning out the perfect brew! The day has not started till I’ve had a ‘real’ coffee.

Once a week through ISO I’ve been treating myself to gourmet home delivery. So many top restaurants have turned into high end patisseries and take away services, ordering in has never been more enticing! I will definitely need a detox after all of this.

A face mask! I love Go To’s Transformazing sheet mask and even the supermarket brand Olay, leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated. 

Daughter sneaking up on mum reading

Mother and Daughter reading

Lounging in style – what do you wear, listen to, watch or read?

I’m living in loungewear right now, anything cosy and comfy! And when I feel like adding a touch of glam to my home life, I pop the Ms Kensington silk robe on, it’s so soft and luxurious, I wish I could wear it on my daily coffee run.

Being at home with my daughter means she rules the playlist so any movie or song with a princess or a unicorn is on heavy rotation right now.

What’s the first thing you will do when lockdown is over?

After visiting my parents and scaring them with my current look, I’ll be straight to the salon to see my favourite stylist. My poor locks are suffering and I’m only a few sleeps away from revealing my natural hair colour, I fear it’s grey!

Mother doing daughter's hair

Mum cuddling Daughter

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