We are for Mums

May 03, 2019 1 min read

We are for Mums

For me, becoming a Mum has definitely shaped the way I have designed my lingerie and also my business. I am a proud mum to two gorgeous humans - Ollie, 4 and Zoe, 2 and everyday pinch myself that I had any part in their creation.

Over a year ago, I was coming to the end of parental leave with my second child Zoe. Through many conversations with friends especially those of us with kids, it struck me just how many of us found it hard to focus on ourselves because of our busy demanding lifestyles. Specifically, in the areas of intimacy, sexuality and relationships.

We were still the same gorgeous, smart women we had always been but how our bodies had changed! I had many hushed conversations over coffees in the park about when we’d managed to have sex again post baby and how we were slowly finding our way back to ourselves and our partners.

Mother and baby   Mother and son

Ollie at birth and now, aged 4 years. 

Post birth Baby   Mother and Young Daughter

Zoe at birth and now, aged 2 years. 

Talking to my own mother, my mother in law, their friends and both younger and older colleagues, it became clear that none of us wanted to open our underwear drawer and be confronted by the restrictive and cheap bedroom ideals of our younger selves or aspire to be what the media deemed ‘sexy’.

I felt like there was a need for a range of luxury lingerie that was designed specifically for us. That would make us feel instantly fabulous when we wore it.

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