How to write a love letter…

October 05, 2018 3 min read

How to write a love letter…

Although pouring out our most heartfelt emotions onto a blank piece of paper isn’t something most have us have done since we were teenagers (and even then - I kept mine safely stowed away in a tin box never to actually be read by the intended). Handwritten letters are today such a rarity that they are sure to evoke some powerful emotions in the recipient.

 Expressing our emotions is something most of us find daunting, confronting even. We stumble over our words preferring instead to show our love through everyday actions, grand gestures and spending money on everything from flowers and chocolate to expensive dinners and exotic destinations. We even have a day devoted to expressing our emotions through commercial means, so we can make up for our romantic negligence during the rest of the year.

 Being British I am familiar with repressing any such romantic notion from fear of humiliation or fretting about whether the timing is right and then kicking myself for not saying what I’d like to in the moment. However, this is where the written word can help even the most reticent of lovers.

So here is our guide on how to write a love letter:

1) State your intent

It’s important that your beloved knows that this is a love letter from the very first line. So, leave out anything that is too self-deprecating or sounds too negative in any way and begin with something simple like “I was thinking today about how much I love you…”. Don’t overthink it, just get it down on paper.


2) Talk about your past, present and future together

Recalling a romantic memory is one of the most unique and easiest ways to express your emotions in writing. Think of a moment that crystallises why you and your partner work so well together. It could be the moment you first met, the moment you realised you were in love or a secret memory that only the two of you share – it can be as naughty as you dare. No one else is going to read it! You can also talk about the present and your everyday love for each other. It’s often the little things that you notice about your partner but don’t say at the time that can make them feel the most loved. And it’s always fun to imagine your future together – for better of course!


3) Reaffirm what you love most about your partner

Think about the qualities that are most attractive about your partner. It’s important here to use a tone of voice that feels natural to you and suits you and your partners personalities.  If you’re more comfortable making your partner laugh than listing their superlative romantic qualities – use humour. And relax – a compliment is a compliment, and no one is going to question all the lovely things you have to say about them. Just remember to keep it positive – this is not the time to bring up dirty washing!


4) Explain how your life has changed since meeting

This can be short but it’s always nice for your other half to know that your life is better with them in it and saying so certainly won’t hurt.


5) End on an ‘I love you’

Simple but effective – these three words don’t need any dressing up or down. The most genuine, foolproof and heartfelt way to sign off your love letter.

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