We like to take it slowly

April 28, 2019 1 min read

I had to be as hands on as possible in the creation of the label – teaching myself fashion illustration to design each garment and surface design to create the ‘London’ print. This took a lot of time, but I feel very strongly that a luxury brand has to be unique and special – something rare that you can’t find anywhere else.

I use silk and silk cotton as fabrics, as they are natural, breathable and will last forever if treated with care. We source from a specialist silk trader in Sydney who only trades quality fabrics bearing the Silkmark - the registered trademark for silk imported into Australia. Only carefully selected silks carry this trademark. 

I’m proud to be on first name terms with all my suppliers and to make the goods transparently and ethically with specialist production companies in Sydney and Manchester and I am proud to support industry in the two countries that I call home.

I also feel very responsible for producing something to put out into the world. We only do limited production runs and use natural fabrics that last so you can ‘Buy once and buy well’. We source from sustainable suppliers such as @betterpackagingco to eliminate plastic from our packaging and support the environment.