Lingerie that sparks the imagination

April 28, 2019 1 min read

Having spent years working in advertising agencies in London and Sydney as an art director. I wanted the brand to spark the imagination and for every garment to tell a story that would inspire the wearer. For modern romantics who love to travel - each collection has its own story revealing the inspiration behind it and the moment it is seeking to capture. A Londoner, born and bred – I was inspired by the London IT girls – Kate, Naomi, Alexa, Rita, Cara etc and wanted to capture their rebellious, sexy and daring attitude in the debut ‘London’ Collection.

I designed the London print as a reimagining of an English Rose. Embodying the grittiness, edginess and smoky greys of the city and beautiful, decadent and rebellious personality of a Kate Moss style London IT girl. With scraps of newsprint to suggest she is always front-page news and the ink bleeding to create an abstract floral rose pattern to create something intriguing, beautiful and quintessentially ‘London’.