There is no Planet B

September 20, 2019 2 min read

There is no Planet B

There isn’t a planet B. Fashion is meant to be forward thinking and ahead of the curve and yet it is one of the most heavily polluting industries contributing to climate change. We must stay committed to working towards better practices for people and the planet. As the owner of an emerging fashion label, I believe you are what you create and the only way to do business is to be as open and transparent as possible with your consumers. Here are some of the ways I have built my business to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. 
  • We don’t follow trends. We create classic, timeless pieces using natural fibres that last - (silk and silk cotton) so you can ‘buy once and buy well’

  • We're on first name terms wth our suppliers. We make everything in Sydney, Australia ensuring ethical production and quality craftsmanship with Christiaan and his team at The Fashion Production Co

  • We source and print our silk from Think Positive Prints who have the Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation.

  • We do limited production runs in Australia, reducing carbon footprint and minimising wastage. All of my suppliers are within 20 minutes distance of each other. 

  • We source from sustainable suppliers such as The Better Packaging Company who produce compostable mailers to eliminate plastic from our supply chain and support the environment. Just pop them in your organic waste recycling and they will decompose in 9 months. 

  • We use zero plastic in our packaging and our boxes and tissue paper are completely recyclable. Just put them in your cardboard bin (but remove the magnets first!). 
I am a firm believer in Planet over Profit and am committed to ensuring Ms. Kensington stays true to my own personal values.

Xx Catherine - Ms. Kensington

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