October 11, 2019 1 min read

Laura from This Island Life is someone who knows how to travel in style. She's a good friend of mine (we've worked together at two different agencies in our previous careers in adland) and I have lived vicariously through her exotic adventures for years now. There's nothing nicer than a creative collaboration with one of your closest pals - so it was a pleasure to give Laura some Ms. Kensington pieces to take with her on a trip to beautiful Bawah Island in Indonesia. A private island resort just a short journey from Singapore. See how Laura styled our London Print Slip and Ivory silk cotton robe to perfect lounging around 'island style' in her beach bungalow next to the most stunning aquamarine paradise. 

All Photography and content courtesy of This Island Life 
Read more about her adventures on Bawah Island 

This Island Life wearing the London Print Slip and Ivory Silk Cotton Robe seated on a bed in a beach bungalow on Bawah Island

 This Island Life wearing the London Print slip with our Ivory Silk Cotton Robe. 

 "I’ve owned some beautiful lingerie over the years, but nothing as beautiful as these pieces. While I usually focus on swimwear and resort wear, it’s become apparent that I’ve been neglecting my outfits in the bedroom. Now usually island life calls for little more than your birthday suit, but there’s something so luxurious about slipping on a delicate silk slip on a balmy island evening. So when I was planning my outfits for my trip to Bawah Island in Indonesia, I made sure I had nocturnal adventures covered too."
This Island Life having a coffee wearing the London Print Slip and Ivory Silk Cotton Robe

"I’m usually straight into a bikini when I wake up, but on Bawah Island, all I wanted to do was swan around my beach bungalow in this silky ensemble. " 
This Island Life standing in the Ocean wearing London Print Slip

This Island Life walking on a beach in the London Print Slip and Ivory Silk Cotton Robe

This Island Life sitting on the bed of her beach bungalow in Bawah Island wearing the London Print Slip and Ivory Silk Cotton robe

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